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Chalkboard Summary
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Build a Custom Chalkboard


School Furniture of Canada is your single source solution for all Custom Chalkboards.

Chalkboards haven’t gone the way of the dinosaurs quite yet. They’re reliable, aesthetically pleasing, and can be used in the home, office, or restaurant. Looking for a specific chalkboard but you just can’t find it? That’s what we’re here for.

Custom chalkboards come in the color you want, the size you need, the frame of your choosing, and can be magnetic or non-magnetic. Need a menu board to write on with chalkboard markers? We can do that. Need a simple chalkboard for a child’s playroom? We’ll help you design the perfect board with your child’s ABCs already on it.

Give us a call, click through our streamlined customization steps, and we’ll get you a quote right over.

Board Setup

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Choose a Color

Do You Want The Board to Have a Tray?

Trays can be useful to hold markers, erasers, and other board accessories that make using your board that much better.

Choose a Frame

Pick the frame style that you want, if you have any questions about the different options feel free to ask away in the "Additional Comments" box below.

Additional Comments

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Customer Questions

  • How Do You Hang An Unframed Skin Board? Asked By Jeff on Apr 13th, 2018
    1 Answer
    • You would use a high strength contact adhesive if placing over an existing flat, smooth surface. It can really be a case by case basis depending on your application.

      Thank you.
      Answered By Brian P on Apr 17th, 2018

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