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School Furniture of Canada is your single source solution for all Custom Display Cases.

Do you have prized possessions that deserve a quality display case, but you can’t find exactly what you want? Well, look no further, because we can custom make a display case to your exact specifications and make sure that whatever you put inside looks as perfect as it should.

We offer custom display cases in the highest quality materials, and can work with any budget. Start building your custom display cases with our simple click through process.

If you aren’t sure about your selection or options, check out our Frequently Asked Questions or give us a call (800) 791-2946 and speak with one of our display case experts!

Display Case Setup

How Many Do You Need?
Optional Label/Name
This can be used to quickly identify your different custom products.
Example: "Room 220", "Conference Room", etc

Select A Type

Select the type of display case you are looking to buy. If you are not sure, please don’t hesitate to contact us for help. We have experienced staff members waiting for your call!

Mini Blinds Information Close This

Enter Your Size (Inches)

These are overall dimensions of the entire display case.


Base Height (Inches)

Enter how tall you want the base of the display case to be. (Minimum 2")

Canopy Height (Inches)

Enter how tall you want the top of the display case to be.

Opening Type

How do you want the display case to be opened?

Top Lighting

Would you like top lights?

Side Lighting

Would you like side lights?


Number Of Shelves

Do you want the shelves to be adjustable?


Would you like the display case to have a lock?

Fascia Thickness (inches)

Fascia Trim Thickness

Additional Comments

If you have any other specific details please add them here. The more information you give us, the better!

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If you are done building this custom product you can add it to your cart and start building another one, or get your quote request started. In order to get you the best product for the best price, all custom products will be submitted as a quote request. We have experienced staff members waiting to assist you every step of the way.

Customer Questions

  • Do You Manufacture Custom Sizes Asked By John on Jun 4th, 2018
    1 Answer
    • Yes, Display cases are extremely custom in nature anyways. So we ask that you fill out the details of your desired case instead of just selecting a case and changing a size. If there is a standard case type you wish to mimic then please state that, as it will assist us greatly in quoting you. Some factories require a minimum but we have ones that can do single units.
      Answered By Brian P on Jun 5th, 2018
  • Do You Make A Case This Large For A Japanese Kimono? Asked By Julie on Jun 29th, 2018
    1 Answer
    • We have sources to build a custom case to the dimensions you need. Best way to go about this is to put in a custom quote request on this page and we'll reach out to our factories and help in the design. The other way would be to call us at the number below and allow a Sales Rep to help you. One-off custom cases are tougher to get built and are usually quite pricey but it's something we want to provide. Sometimes customers are able to work with a stock case and just add things like hooks to help you hang the Kimono. Can’t say I’m up on my Kimono knowledge but if you have the dream and the dimensions/options you want. We will do everything in our power to source it. We go beyond what you generally get online these days.

      Thank you.
      Answered By Brian P on Jun 29th, 2018

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